Monday, April 02, 2007

Sweetness (the small things)

As we played in the backyard tonight, Miss I decided to play more independently than usual. She wanted to play in the sandbox alone (which would be fine if she didn't scoop sand into her hair), allowing me time to weed around my incoming tulips. But every once in awhile, she'd get up, dust off, and come find me for "Huds, Momma. Huds." Then back to the sandbox she went.
I live for "huds."

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Third Mom said...

Oh, don't you love it? Gosh, this made me think back to when my kids were little and they'd run to me when I came home from work as if I were Santa Claus! Now that they're teens I'm lucky if they remove their eyes from whatever screen they're glued to. But I'll take that, too.

Thanks for sharing this :)