Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Happened.

This week, at an amusement park and at the zoo. I said "no," and she screamed, "YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER!!!!" and tried to run away. Surprisingly, no one apprehended me for dragging her away from the situation (perhaps scarily, if you think about it).


Julie said...

it is sort of shocking and upsetting that no one stops you, huh? One day I was babysitting for my regular family (probably 2-3 days per week at that point) and took the little boy to the zoo. At one point I lost track of time and suddenly we were late. I picked him up and we were walking briskly to the exit and meanwhile--because he did not want to leave and was protesting in his favorite way even though she was off at work elsewhere--he was SCREAMING "I want my mommy! Mommy! I want my mommy!"

I was quite shocked that not one person we passed questioned what was going on. Makes me watch my kids even closer when we're out.

And on the other sorry to hear you got that response from your daughter. I dread that day with our son and he's not even home yet. I tell myself it'll be a teaching moment and we will address the definitions of mommy and family, but I know I'll die a little inside.

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, as an adoptive mother myself, I'm waiting for that day to come for me too. I know it will. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

So, did it cut you to the quick to hear her say these words or were you able to take it in stride and not be too phased by it?

And yes, it is scary that no one even questioned you in this situation!

Anonymous said...

and thus begins the transistion to being a teenager. I would say it's a little odd that no one approached you-- except- the kid that protests too much and with such emotion and "nastiness" (is that the right word when a child is defiant)... well I imagine it would look different than one that was scared because it was a stranger dragging her somewhere.

Maybe she would benefit from the old story "The boy who cried wolf"