Sunday, February 18, 2007

Trial balloon

If you're reading, you probably don't know me (except for the perceptive Julie, who just knew by my wordiness that I'd be back). If you don't know me, you might want to start with the archives. Or read the post, where I quit, below.
I'm always amused and bemused when a celebrity comes out of retirement.
I made myself promise that if I posted an "In the End" post, I wouldn't start blogging again.
And for a million reasons, this is the wrong time to start blogging again. For one, I've been quite sick and I'm way behind in my work. For another, all of the reasons I quit blogging remain: I am a real mom, with real children, one of whom can read, both of whom are easily identified (as am I) and I don't want to complicate their lives or divulge any more than they'd be comfortable with.
But then there's this: I've left comments recently that are longer than the posts that provoked them regarding
* an article that suggests that the privileging of genetics is a cultural bias, and that we can and should work past such a privileging
* and the way adoptive families speak, write and think of the moments surrounding placement and the values communicated thusly to first families and children

. . . and we had a bit of sadness this week that I don't have a place for in my life.
So maybe this is the place for me, afterall.

(For anyone who does read, can you tell me how I can find out how people are googling me?)


Julie said...

Sorry--I can't help you with the googling thing as we don't use the same kind of blogging software/hosting. However, it would be wonderfully cool if you'd start posting again. I have noticed your comments have been getting much, much longer since you stopped blogging ;)

Not that that bothers me--I kinda like it, but you know what I mean!

mia said...

Well I am THRILLED you decided to blog again!

Dawn said...

statcounter is what I use.

erin said...

I just decided to return to your blog, just in case, and here you've started up again! I'm happy to have you back. I use typepad, so I don't know about discovering google searches on blogger, unfortunately.

I hope that whatever grief has entered your life dissipates, and I look forward to reading you again. I've been reading some of those long comments you've left, and I always learn something from you, so thanks.

Come visit me, I'm at


Overwhelmed! said...

I use Sitemeter and it shows me not exactly who Google's me, but what phrases are used to find my blog. Wait, it might also give me locations of those searches. I just don't look at that part much. Sitemeter is free and I like the info it offers.

Is everything okay on your end? You mentioned a bit of sadness.

Thanks for the supportive comment you've left on my latest post, I appreciate it!