Sunday, May 06, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

It is my pleasure to bestow the Thinking Blogger award (bestowed upon me by Michelle) to Swerl. Many of my favorite bloggers (whom you can find at left) have already been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award, and some of them are double-awardees (Mia, Margie, Nicole, Theresa et al, you know I'd be nominating you again)!

I offer a single nomination, then, while I mull the other four (leave it to me to corrupt a meme!):

I only recently became acquainted with Swerl, when we both were raging against Urban Outfitters. Once acquainted, I became an admirer, and a second link in just a few post shows as much (I'm usually such a bad linker, though I'm trying to do better). Swerl offers intelligent, insightful and informative posts, as well as links to allow readers to learn, and other links to do something with that knowledge, sometimes with just a click. I appreciate not only his thoughtful posts but also his thorough researching, aggregating, linking. I am impressed by such initiative and organization, both of which are not in the skill set I bring to blogging.


Anonymous said...

Link away my friend! :)

I'm doing a massive overhaul of my blog soon which will include many new links to many rgeat blogs that I haven't linked to yet, you being one of them! Stay tuned...


Swerl said...

WOW, this is so cool!

Um, at the risk of sounding totally lame -- what do I do now?

Swerl said...

I got the link with the instructions. Ahhh, pressure's on!