Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I hope she doesn't mind. I just wanted to spotlight a really tender post at Holding Still.

I have these weird moments, too, every once in awhile. Ten years and I'm still sometimes surprised that I'm married and that there is no me that does not rely on him. More than six years and I'm still taken aback sometimes by my motherhood. Once last month I entirely forgot for a moment that I was more than thirty. I was in my backyard, listening to kids on the playground and I just, somehow, forgot.

But I'm also really struck in an entirely different way by the weird moments that dh and I no longer have: This time last year, Dr.Bloom asked if I ever thought in surprise "There's an Ethiopian on my lap!" and I had. But I don't. Yet I am sometimes surprised by our joy.

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erin said...

Thanks for the link to me -- I forget how old I am, too. 40 seems like it's way, way off, but here I am!

I like the "nickles"post, too. Our boys are both interested in everyone's "nickles," and wonder if "wutit" (milk) comes out of them, like the 400 lb sow they saw last month...