Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Morbidity

I received this note:

I need yu to com into my memre.

Why? I asked Little Bun, who is rarely speechless.

Moments later he returned with a second note:
Wat I need yu to now is that I have seen a deth.

The fish, after four years, went belly up while Little Bun was in time out in his room.


Nicki Mann said...

Oh, poor little dude witnessed his first death? It is so sad when any pet dies! Its cute how he wrote it, though...

Shari said...

"I have seen a death..." I know it shouldn't have been funny, but I couldn't help chuckling ruefully... he sounds like such a solemn little boy, perhaps with a touch of drama. So darling.

And four years is a great old age for a fish.

abebech said...

Shari, it's okay -- we laughed too (later, of course).