Sunday, December 09, 2007

So Much for Transubstantiation

In our church, a child may take communion whenever he or she reaches for it or when her parents permit. We chose to wait until this year with Little Bun. Miss I, on the other hand, has been desperate to be included. So today she reached out and took a wafer, dipped it in the chalise and placed it on her tongue before I could register it. Then she proclaimed "NOW I'm big."
When we got back to our seats she was still glowing. Little Bun, hoping (I think) to take a little of the shine off, declared too loudly (and hence addressed to everyone): "I don't know why you're making such a big deal. It's just a cracker."


keely said...

ok. this is just rich! you have our whole family laughing down here! you can probably hear us from there.

Nicki Mann said...

LOL! It probably does seem confusing to a little kid why eating a "cracker" makes you more mature!
I didn't grow up Christian, but the one time my parents did take my brother and I to church, they were hadning out wafers for everyone to eat at the same time after the prayer. My brother and I were handed the wafers, and we promptly ate them, thinking they were a snack! :O My mom was So embarassed, but I doubt anyone else even noticed...