Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Go Before You Go

It's been such a long time since I wrote an entry in this category! But this story is too much fun not to share, and it seems that Po-pos are the talk of the moment.

I was teaching on Monday night, so dh decided to take Miss I and Little Bun to the playground. Due to recent events at the soccer field, dh insisted that Miss I use the potty before leaving for the playground. She refused, insisting that her "bladder wasn't full" (recall that these are doctor's kids); he waited, sure that if it wasn't yet, it would be as soon as they stepped out the door. She denied this.
He was very firm: "We will not go to the playground until you go to the bathroom."

Finally Miss I gave in, and went in to the bathroom. After a pause, the toilet flushed, the sink ran, and Miss I trotted out to put on her shoes. Little Bun remarked, "I don't think she really went." "Sure she did," dh responded. "I heard her flush." Still, Little Bun was not convinced.

Little Bun was right. Miss I, who really did have to go after all but had faked the whole thing, had to admit this to dh and return from the playground in defeat.

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