Sunday, April 27, 2008

They still don't miss a trick

A family member recently suggested to me that we might be *making* our daughter think about race too much with "all the talk about it" at our house. Dawn's most recent post gives excellent reasons why this isn't so, and why the talk and the problem-solving are good things.
Rather than giving my own well-thought out response (it's been a long weekend and I'm kind of beyond well-thought out anything) I'll share this anecdote:

Miss I has made a new friend. Her friend Rose is one of four sisters who all look alike, and all look like their parents. Rose has seen us at the soccer field twice per week for three weeks now, yet she asked yesterday, "Where's Miss I's Daddy?" "He's on the field," I said. "In the khaki shorts." "Where?" "There." "Where?" "There . . . Dr.Bloom, wave to Rose," I called. Dr.Bloom obliged, and Rose waved back. Yes, he was familiar to her, but . . . "Does Miss I look like you?" she asked seriously.
Later I explained to Dr.Bloom why I had had him wave. Miss I added, "But I said 'No!' I'm not pink! I'm brown!" and she chuckled as if she were years wiser than dear Rose.

And a bonus Little Bun anecdote:
I had to go to a "retreat" on Friday. "Does this look retreat-ish?" I asked dh, gesturing to clothes. "No!" Little Bun answered brightly. After a pause, he asked "Did you want a 'No' answer? 'Cause I don't even know what 'retreat-ish' means." Smart boy on the way to being a very smart man. He'll make someone very happy someday.


susan said...

Don't people notice that children look around at the world, themselves, and think? I just don't get it. But clearly, Miss I does. These are two great stories.

Third Mom said...

I remember those discussions with my family, which blessedly have stopped. I think they've seen how important race is in their lives, and finally get that we HAVE to talk about it.

Great story, thanks for sharing.

abebech said...

Margie, can you talk to my family for me? :)

erin nolen said...

this story of your son literally made me laugh out loud. thanks for sharing...