Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fine Print Continued

My dear friend asked in the comments to the last post about the guardianship papers issue:
Dh dropped us off and I signed in while he parked the car. The first nurse to see us asked Miss I "Who did you bring with you?" and when she answered "Mommy!" that seemed good enough. Later the anesthesia PA said, "I assume one of you is not the natural parent of this child." I discreetly handed him a bc copy, but he said "Oh, I don't need that." "Funny," I said, "Your pre-op paperwork says it will be required." This came as a surprise to him!


Journada said...

ugh. i want to say, "yay" but that doesn't feel quite right when the whole basis is screwy. so a mild yay for not having to "prove it" on a day when your love (and maternal concern) ought to speak for itself.

i've posted this on the forum, but i've taken to carrying a us passport card with me for S. in my wallet everywhere we go--and a copy of her us "b.c." i got those items hoping it would ease my mind about having "evidence" always at hand, but sadly it really hasn't. i still walk around half expecting the world to demand more proof, and that's a constant stress that irks.

please kiss sweet miss i from all of us. she's so brave! too bad she didn't haul off and sock one of the hospital attorneys who wrote the paperwork to begin with (rather than her doting momma).


susan said...

I carry CG's birth certificate with me all the time (as does Politica). We've actually had more issues with people needing to be reassured that we are both her mothers (b/c they will hear CG talking about the other mother and assume the mother she's with isn't legit).