Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Miss I is doing very well. We're finally in a room -- it took a long time to be assigned one -- and she's just gone to sleep.
She's a fighter, and she tried to fight off the anesthesia just out of the OR, so she was "out of sorts" . . . So out of sorts that she punched me in the face (she has no memory of this). After a bit more sedative and a long sleep, she was fine. It wasn't until her brother arrived that she tried to eat and drink, and ultimately, smiled. She sat on his lap for awhile (a comical sight, as she's very tall and only about seven pounds lighter) and he reassured her that he'd take care of her at home too. I'm so proud of both of them.


Mia said...

WONDERFUL news! Positive thoughts and prayers sent your way. Please give Miss. I a great big hug for me. Little Bun too for being such an awesome big brother.

Journada said...

OOH...I BET you are proud of them both! You ought to be. And I rejoice that she is doing better. I pray the surgery makes a dramatic (and immediate) difference for her (and you).

All love,

p.s. any resolution or hitch with the guardianship papers requirement? That just boils my blood!

Heather said...

What a good brother! I'm glad to hear she's doing well.