Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is just to say . . .

I just happened to eat at Taco Bell twice on the same day, immediately after the e.coli outbreak had made the news but not at my house, where we read but do not watch. I wondered aloud why it was a ghost town, and obviously, No One responded. (The better question, I suppose, is why I would eat at Taco Bell twice in one day.)

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Lola said...

Don't worry you aren't alone.
After hearing Taco Bell this, Taco Bell that-- for at least 4 hours of newscasts, and dozens of ap alerts-- I craved it. And so I went out, perhaps one of the more "informed" of the news and ordered a soft taco supreme, some chicken thing- and beans (because I wanted to see if they really had removed the green onions)- they had and I found the white ones (which allegedly tested positive for e. coli) and there was most definitely shredded lettuce on my meal. And as I type, I am still craving the food.