Thursday, December 21, 2006

Magic Moments

A new favorite holiday memory:

This is the Year of a Million Dreams, says Disney, and while we never win anything, we were one of the families granted a wish -- even if I never knew we wished it.

Three of our party of ten happened to be on the right ride at the right time.
After the ride, my niece was bursting with excitement. "We won, we won!" she screamed. "What did we win?" "Nothing!" she replied happily, but the Disney representative asked:
"Have you ever wished you could have one of the Disney theme parks all to yourselves?"

In all sincerity (and I'm all sincerity) I'd never considered it. But once he mentioned it . . . and it's always fun to win.

MGM closed at 8, so from 8-8:30 the families selected for the "Magic Hour" attended a concert while the park emptied (one cynic suggested that that half hour would be used to hawke time shares; we were pleased to learn that would not be the case). Our children were already exhausted, though Miss I. enthusiastically danced to the eighties music and took Van Halen's command to "Jump!" quite literally. Afterwards, we were free to roam a now less crowded park, and for all the talk about running from roller coaster to Tower of Terror, we headed first to the New York Streets, where the Osbourne Family Christmas now abides. As we strolled down the main street, under beautiful lights timed to Christmas music, it began to snow.

It was our daughter's first snow, in Orlando, FL.

Wishing you magic moments, magic hours, and, if you want it, snow for Christmas.

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