Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don't Ask (don't tell)

Tonight at dinner our server asked, quite abruptly, "Was she adopted?"
"No she was not," little bun answered before dh or I could respond. "She grew in Momma's womb." (he accompanied this with gestures to the appropriate region). I'm not sure what to make of his response, other that that he is exhausted by how different we are to other people, however much she calls him "my brotha" from sun-up to sundown.


Gawdessness said...

Hilarious and good for him.
Nosy parkers.

Charonda C. said...

As a child people would ask my mother the same thing. She always responded "No" in attempt to make me feel apart of them. I was even told not to tell people. Sadly, it bothered me and the honest truth is that she didnt have to say "NO" to make me feel apart of the family. I just did.
But in your son's defense - Seriously, do people really NEED to know? I feel him totally on this one!