Monday, March 26, 2007

Once upon a time is upon us

You've probably read this news elsewhere, but Disney's first black princess is finally in the works. (The Lion King's Nala did not count.) I like to think it's because of my Rant of the Week and the complaints we lodged during our Disney trip, but instead it's just about d*mn time. I'm delighted the time is coming, even if it is 2009, but "voodoo spells?"


mia said...

I haven't heard about this, I'll go check it out!

I wanted to drop by and tell you I haven't forgotten about you. I am terribly slow and behind. I haven't made it to the post office yet but I will! Hopefully in this century...sigh...;o)

Third Mom said...

I actually hadn't heard this yet - and where I'm always glad when a major media company makes even a small effort to more fully represent the population, I have to agree with you about the voodoo. Of all possible ways a black princess could have been portrayed, this can't be the best. But it is something, and given the degree to which our kids are bombarded with Disney, it is about time and a good thing.