Saturday, March 03, 2007

House and Home/New Chapters

With all the changes we've been through this year, I'm hesitant to change anything else, yet if we don't move (neighborhoods, not cities), we'll be paying tuition to send our son to a different public school (we knew this day would come, but four years ago it just seemed so, well, four years away). Quick calculation tells us that it would be wiser to put that money into a house, and rent this one. So I started house hunting, and I fell in love with a disaster, but I keep waffling.
Little bun, who had insisted that he never wanted to leave this house (why would he? He has the biggest room!) and has never done well with change, has this to say: "You know when you're reading a chapter book, and you finish a chapter and can't wait to start the next? It's like that."
So we may or may not be starting a new chapter.

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