Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Am I alone in thinking The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything's a little racist?

Edited to Add:
Smart (and snarky) Erin asks "Racist against pirates?"

At the outset, a character who refuses to work hard -- part of the waitstaff at a pirate-themed restaurant, he won't run to the kitchen to get sauce for his girlfriend -- has what seems to be a Mexican accent. Frankly, a scene between vegetables and their girfriends seemed uncomfortable at the start.

In answer to Miss I's question (What do vegetables eat?): cheese curls.


Erin said...

racist against pirates?

abebech said...

LOL Erin! That would be taking "cultural sensitivity" to the ummmm extreme.
I suppose it requires more explanation . . . :D

Erin said...

Yeah, cause I'm a little lost here LOL

The sailor is a BIG fan of pirates who don't do anything. Or sailors who don't do anything!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you mention this! We were very uncomfortable with some of the stereotyping in the Veggie Tales Esther movie...especially when it pertained to Latin and African American cultures.

We've sort of boycotted this one on account of it. Sad to hear the negativity continues....