Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Poor Momma!

Our Loving Family's Momma had her arms eaten off by my horrible dog. Miss I has not discovered this tragedy yet.
If anyone knows how I can get a new Momma without buying a whole new AA Twin Time Dollhouse or a collectors' set of the last make at a whopping $69.99, please take pity on me and pass it on.


Dawn said...

Did you look on ebay? Toys R Us mistakenly sent us a white family dollhouse, which I didn't discover 'til we were setting it up xmas eve -- rats. I just bought an African-American family on ebay in separate pieces. (I wanted the little girl with real hair and a brown-skinned baby and a brother.) This is the seller I used, she has a ton of different sets:

mia said...

What is UP with dogs and these poor defenseless little people? My dog ate brother and dad in one hearty sitting. Ugh.

I've missed you. It's the pitfall I experience when steering clear of blog reading for a few months. I hope you are well.

abebech said...

Everyone needs to steer clear for awhile (though if you notice, I haven't blogged much adoption lately -- until today, and today's isn't exactly fair or coherent).
Can you send me your address again?