Monday, January 07, 2008

Irrational Numbers

Little Bun tells me that they are "working on a special project in school -- counting to 2,000."
"As a class?" I ask.
"No, each child."
Later Dr.Bloom presses on this more:
"How exactly are you showing that you are counting?"
"We're doing it on the calculator." ("Of course" goes unsaid).
"What do you mean? Finding ways to multiply to 2,000?"
"No. We're adding. One plus one equals two plus one equals three plus one. . . . I have to hurry because we only have until the end of February."
"How do you save your place at the end of each day?"
"We don't. Everyday you have to start again at one."


Nicki Mann said...

LOL... every day they have to start over!!! That sounds like a problem!

Anonymous said...

what? that's crazy! Teach him how to use the Memory key-- he's going to get carpal tunnel before he's 10!

Am I missing the point-- maybe the teachers should go on strike.