Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've almost made it for a full day without coffee (I drank 1/4 cup). I've also gone cold turkey on cola. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but if you review my archives you will find that it is a great challenge for me (it is why I cannot be hard on my friends who won't quit smoking). But the motivating factors this time are a ridiculously high resting heart rate (why it's like I'm not even resting!) and my doctor's insistence that we can attribute ten of the twenty pounds I'd like to lose to cola alone (I can't drink diet. I just can't). My husband, who drinks caffeine up til 11 at night and still sleeps soundly is no help with either of these. So . . . help!


J. Pannell said...

I know this is addiction 101, but is there something, no matter how silly, that you can replace it with for the time being? My vote is for exercise, maybe just a small walk (even 10 min) if you can squeeze it in whenever it is you usually have your coffee or soda. If you're craving a sweet have a succulent nectarine or plum.

Mostly, though, you just have to stick it out! You will start feeling better soon. I promise.

abebech said...

I'm trying an herbal tea every time I want to have coffee or soda right now. I should try some short light exercise -- it's especially when I've been sitting at my desk for a long time that I want caffeine.
I know I'll feel better -- when I get there!

J. Pannell said...

You can do it!!!!

Do it.