Monday, March 10, 2008

A Serious Proposal for Stimulating the Economy

It isn't like I'm going to send the check back, but neither do I think it's going to stimulate a stagnating economy -- some will use it to repay debts already incurred, others will save it. Few will spend it in ways that will stave off a recession.
But one tax break that could seriously affect spending: Remove or waive an upper income limit for student loan interest tax deduction. People who have deferred employment for full-time graduate and professional education have likely also deferred significant spending . . .

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Anonymous said...

My opinion of the rebate:
They should make it like Lowe's does--
send people Visa Pre-paid cards.
Then they either spend it- or loose it.
And in the long run-- but will it kick start a big economic boost-- no.
And in all honesty- do I think we are in a huge economic slump-- no-- but the gas prices are seriously hurting my budget and stress level.