Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mo-Lisa's Smile

As you know, Little Bun refers to the child for whom we wait as "Moses." Miss I has said "Moses" and "she" in the same sentence, believing we are awaiting a girl.
"Moses isn't a very good name for a girl," I said, to which Miss I replied brightly "Then we'll name her Mo-Lisa." We've all taken to the name Mo-Lisa.
Yesterday at BigChainBookstore, Miss I declared "Look! It's Mo-Lisa!" We all turned, to see Mona Lisa smiling at us from the cover of book.


susan said...

That is too funny.

And I now have a slightly altered version of Chenille Sister's Name Game song stuck in my head:

Lisa, Lisa, bo-bisa, bo-b(X−1)
Banana-fana fo-fisa

Thanks for the earworm :)

Judy said...

That is SO cute!!