Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I owe you all (or perhaps myself) a post, but my neck is killing me. Since it's literally painful to blog right now (if I owe you a phone call, this is also why I have not called -- it hurts to hold the phone up to my ear).

Remember when I told you about couch-moving incident? I'm sure I told you -- we bought an old, reupholstered Victorian couch from Craig's list, without thinking about how we would move it up the steps and into the house. It was ten o'clock at night when we tried to move it. It started to rain. Dh insisted that I just "try harder." I did, we got it in, and the next day I couldn't lift my arms.

He thinks this is why I ruptured the disc between C6 and C7, which we just discovered this week after months of agony. I don't think so. I'll let him keep believing it, though, since he says he'll never forgive himself, which means he has been carrying the laundry upstairs and scrubbing the kitchen. I think it is the result of years of wear and tear including sports injuries and arthritis, and one little girl repeatedly turning my head so I will "wook" at her -- but don't tell any of them that.

I do want to respond to the question posed in my last post, and I also want to address another ethical issue: the contribution the promise of openness (whether in domestic adoption or international) may make to relinquishments that might otherwise not have happened. I'm trying to find a way to treat this issue without sounding as if I support closed adoption or the denial of original birth certificates to adoptees -- I am in favor of neither of these things. Until the next time the naproxen works . . .


mia said...

OUCH! Have you tried Sombra? WONDERFUL stuff to relieve pain. All natural.

Take it easy and feel better soon!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, I'm sorry your neck is killing you! I hope that pain goes away very soon!

I'll look forward to reading your thoughts on the ethical issue of promising openness in adoption to encourage relinquishment.

That's one thing both my husband and I were adamant about. We were not going to offer a level of openness that we could not morally commit to for life, just for the sake of having a better shot at relinquishment.

We were very upfront with Snuggle Bug's first parents about the level of openness we could handle and we've honored that (and then some) these past 3 years.