Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Scenes from our weekend:

Little Bun: (trying to enhance sister's anticipation) Miss I, you've only been to New York twice.
Miss I: Well, you've NEVER been to Ethiopia.

After a good long tantrum,
Momma: Are you tired?
Miss I: (with eye roll) You guessed it.

At the Queen of Sheba:
Miss I: Ummmm, I want chicken nuggets and fries.
Miss I: (after some yummy lamb) I . . . Am . . . Ethiopian.

In the restroom, after I denied her the opportunity to ride a camel at the zoo, pants still around her ankles,
Miss I: Momma, I will LIKE you if you let me ride a camel. No? I think I will NOT like you if you don't . . . No? I think I will HATE you if you don't let me. Momma, if you don't let me, I will KILL you. (she didn't).

In the car, two hours after bedtime,
Miss I: Nobody is kind to me, nobody loves me, nobody holds me, nobody rocks me, and . . . ummmmmm . . . I hate you all.

Everytime anyone said "no" in public, to draw attention and sympathy to her plight:
Miss I: Mommy, OWWWWWW.

I love preschool.


susan said...

I am particularly charmed by Momma, I will LIKE you if you let me ride a camel. Priceless!

Anonymous said...

so... they stay preschool is better for kids' immune systems... but being around other kids at that age- I think is really bad news for parents nerves.

You know she's pickin' that stuff up at school.


mia said...

You horrid mother you! How COULD you not allow your daughter to ride the camel?!?!?! Sorry Mrs. Bloom but I'm on her side about this matter.

Tell Miss. I if she comes to visit us she can ride the camel we have living in our backyard. Did I ever mention the camel we have living in our backyard? No? Well, we do.

Also, you might want to rethink visiting that amusement park in Germany. There would no doubt be many camels on site. At least two anyway.

abebech said...

LOL, Mia. If I told her, she'd be right over -- either to your house or to Germany.
(I'm sure she will brood about this camel thing until adulthood -- in my defense, she seriously needed a nap and I thought she'd let go . . .)

Overwhelmed! said...

Miss I has got a wonderful wit about her, doesn't she? :)

abebech said...

I love that I can count on my friends here for a positive spin on my apparently poor parenting :) "Wit" is far better than "smarty pants" :)