Monday, March 19, 2007

The Burning Building Test

I mentioned the "burning building test" on Mia's blog.
Here's another time I wrote about it, far too simplistically as I read it now.
Rob asked good questions about its application, and about whether prospective adoptive parents have a moral obligation to discourage women from placing their children for adoption.
I'll respond more completely later, but for now, I'll say yes. Yes we really do.
But I'd like to hear what first mothers and adoptees think.


Nicole said...

Yes, they have that obligation if the woman COULD parent and isn't relinquishing in a fully informed manner. Yes.

Possum said...

"Under all these layers of ethical consideration, I think there really lies my own need to be able to say to my daughter that her first family couldn't have parented her. Because I'm not sure I could look her in the eyes if they could have."

Thank you for 'getting it'.
I read your comment over on Mia's blog also - whilst nodding my head.
Thank you for writing.
Poss. xx

Third Mom said...

Well, see what happens when I don't keep up with blog reading for a long time. You all have GREAT CONVERSATIONS and I MISS THEM! I have to catch up on this, because it sounds like good stuff!!