Friday, June 29, 2007

Scenes from an Ice Cream Parlor

We went out for ice cream to celebrate the conclusion of dh's negotiations. Little bun and Miss I could not have been more fun. Little Bun ordered Birthday Cake Ice Cream, so Miss I announced "Hey, I know Happy Birthday!" and sang it about a hundred times, ending in "Family Huuuuuggggggg," which we all gladly but awkwardly participated in across the round table. A little girl came in awhile later on a tricycle with a handle and a Disney helmet. Miss I declared on the way home, "I gotta get me a red bicycle and a princess movie helmet." Remember that she's only two and a half and that in December we were having her hearing and speech evaluated.
Little bun and Miss I then retold the story of this afternoon -- how she had found a moth but thought it was a "scary spider" (her words) and that Little Bun laughed that she thought it was a spider, though it did have "eyes of fury" (his words).
I said to dh that I could see on a day like this why someone would want more children, because of the surprise that each one is and the unexpectedness that each child injects into his or her family. I mean like three or four, I said. Not a bazillion. "Not FOUR!" Little Bun yelled. "I heard of someone who had four and . . . the baby died because four is too many to care for." (He left room open for three, as he recently "decided" that he needs a sibling from China so he can learn Chinese . . . I assured him that there are far better ways).

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Lola said...

Not that I have a vote in the matter:

But I think 4 or 5.
With 3 you have a middle child syndrome.