Friday, June 29, 2007

S*x Ed for Insanely Smart Children

Little Bun came to a realization. He knows he grew from an egg into a baby in my uterus. But it just occurred to him today that 1.My egg would only contain my DNA and 2.If he only had my DNA he would be my clone and 3. He is not my clone. He therefore came to the conclusion that dh's DNA must be pretty important to the process. But he didn't ask any questions. He said he may ask his friend, whose parent is a geneticist. He's sure a geneticist's kid would have the answer to that mystery. I recommended that he talk to his Daddy instead, as I was pretty sure Daddy had a handle on the mystery too.


Theresa said...

Well I'm pretty floored. I'm positive my age was in the double digits before I knew the words DNA and geneticist. Your son is... hm. Just realized I don't know or don't remember. 7? 8? Anyway I think that is insanely smart.

abebech said...


Heather.PNR said...

Ha! I love that he felt he needed to go to an expert for some answers. I guess he's already past the "parents know everything" stage.