Friday, June 15, 2007

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away

Keep up the votes. For awhile, dh was in a cold sweat.

Today was worse, in its own way. I'll just give you the beginning and the end, and you can fill it in with six year old and toddler mayhem, and someone other than the dog deciding to head out into traffic.
Beginning -- Dh rises cheerfully but lazily. I tell him I'm exhausted as I've been sleepless since two. He says "sorry," and heads to the shower, waking two children who jump on my head for about the next half hour while calling for "Daddy!"
End -- Little Bun declares it the worst day ever. His two day grounding has him feeling sadder than I can imagine. "Oh really?" I ask. And here comes the most mature thing I've ever said: "But do you feel like happiness died today?"
Dh says he's going to work a few minutes, and then we'll relax.
"You don't remember how today started then," I say.
"I do. That's why I'm going to get you drunk. I don't want you to remember how today started . . ."

On a happier note, I just watched last night's Colbert Report. One of 58! Arabic translators discharged from the army for homosexuality says that apparently "the only thing worse than an Al Qaeda attack is a gay man stopping it." And Colbert's vacation report recommends buying gold, purchasing ivory from Zimbabwe (or Zimbabwe) and investing profit in . . . Ethiopian babies. But, he warns, cuteness depreciates rapidly.


justenjoyhim/judy said...

Ohhhh, Stephen, not you too!!! The man I would marry if onlyIwasn'tmarriedandhewasn'tmarriedand
usapart!!! OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!


That does make me all verklempt.

I'm so sorry, Abebech. I really truly am.

abebech said...

I forgive Stephen. I almost forgive my husband. And all jumping-on-my-head aside, cuteness doesn't really depreciate so fast as he thinks . . .

Overwhelmed! said...

Okay, now I'm switching my vote from The Damned Dog to the husband, unless he really did take you out to get drunk. :)