Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scene from a Waterpark

The Players: Miss I, Little Bun, Momma, Daddy, Some Poor Stranger (in her late teens, accompanied by young adult male)

Momma: Miss I, it's very crowded. You must hold a hand.
Miss I: Nuh (pulling hand away).
Momma: You can hold mine, or Daddy's, or Little Bun's . . .
Little Bun: Here, Miss I, hold mine!
Momma: but you must hold someone's.
Miss I: (Pause, then, to Some Poor Stranger, just passing by her) Mommy! I'll hold YOUR hand, Mommy! (Some Poor Stranger and beau hurry away)
Miss I: (a bit later, to Momma) I TEASE you.

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