Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Nothing grows in my garden. Well, one tomato, three lemon cucumbers, a single scrawny pepper, and four stalks of corn -- two of which produced tiny, inedible ears (exciting as they were for the kids). The transplanted grapes -- shoots from family grapes brought from Italy -- didn't take.

Part of this can be blamed on the weather, but I am also convinced that right now, I just can't grow anything.

The kids are fine, the animals are healthy. But all my houseplants, even, are dead or dying.

It's baby week beyond our house: We met a good friend's beautiful new baby. We received text and a phone photo of a new nephew. We heard another good friend will be having another baby in the spring. I love these people, love these babies. And I feel guilty that their joy -- my joy for them! -- is also a reminder.

I can't grow anything here.

And my dissertation isn't writing itself.

(Of course, it is September. And if it's September, I must be lamenting.)

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