Tuesday, September 23, 2008

President Bush, at the UN, on Syria and Iran:

"The terrorists believe time is on their side, so they've made waiting out civilized nations part of their strategy. We must not allow them to succeed.""

I don't understand this. We must not allow them to succeed at . . . waiting?


Erin said...

I agree and disagree with him. The terrorists are waiting to strike us again. I think this current economic crisis is working into why they are waiting. We are in the midst of a financial free fall. Can you imagine if a few more bailouts, a few big companies go under and our dollar sinks lower and inflation rises. Lets not forget that Houston is still not back online from Ike. Can you imagine a small nuke going off in L.A. Or worse still, Syria and Iran attacking Israel. Where are we going to get the troops and money to fight that war? Especially with Russia backing Iran right now.

But beyond that I fear that Bush is going to launch something before he leaves office. Especially if Obama wins. I think that Bush is entirely to war hungry and thinks that he is doing the greater good by launching war like he has. I really think he thinks he is doing the right thing, but I don't think we can do this right now. The USSR when they fell had been in war for ten years in Afghanistan, were spending like crazy much more than they could afford, and started to have Soviet companies fail. Then the price of oil dropped, dropping revenue for the nation and they crumbled. Right now it looks similar to us.

I also worry that Bush is looking at the depression and trying to prevent that from happening here. Due to the major mistakes of FDR in federalizing things we were stuck in the depression longer than the rest of the world and war was what brought us out of the depression. I *hope* that Bush doesn't think that he can conquer two birds with one stone. Give a death knell to terrorism and a boost to the economy with war.

abebech said...

Yours is a far more careful response than mine was, but we're on the same page with this reading.

If they are waiting passively, believing time to be on their side, why not let them wait?! By this logic, wouldn't they be disappointed and defeated if we got our stuff together without going to another war?!

Erin said...

*gasp* we agree on something political ;)

My biggest fear about where we are, and what I think is the most likely thing to happen is Iran and Russia will gather a coalition and attack Israel. We can't fight that war. I think we should, as I'm of the mindset that we are to follow scripture in that regards and bless Israel, but right now, we can't fight it. We don't have the troops, money, or the support of the American people. There is major war fatigue in the public, more more importantly in the military itself. But of course this is all hypothetical.

Then there is the presidential election. One guy wouldn't go to war if we needed to, and the other would go much to quickly even if we didn't need to.

So the way I see it. we are damned if we do, damned if we don't right now, barring something amazing happening. Or either one of these guys being a man I don't think they are.

As far as letting them wait, YES! We cannot CANNOT take on another war right now. And quite frankly, islamic extremists are an enemy we aren't prepared for. I think that many more than what we are seeing in Iraq are waiting all over the world to strike. Can America handle attacks on our children like what happened in Chechnya or can we survive a nuke in L.A. that disrupts our entire transportation system? I don't know. But until we get our financial house in order, and get the f**k out of Iraq we CANNOT take on anything else. I fear we are at a tipping point right now.

But I also tend to be a bit on the apocolyptic side of things....

p.s. sorry for the spelling. I'm tired and on my second glass of wine, so....