Friday, November 28, 2008

Around My Mother's Table(s)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with two tables this year. A twenty-some pound turkey and an extra turkey breast. And the following guests:

Grandma and Pappap Gardener
My siblings and their spouses
My parents' grandchildren (6 total kiddos)
Aunt and Uncle
Aunt and Uncle's adult daughter
Aunt and Uncle's soldier son
Soldier son's soldier friend
Soldier friend's young wife
Soldier friend's young wife's mother
Uncle Gardener
Grammy and Grandpa Bloom

This year, we missed many, but we were blessed to spend the holiday giving thanks with people we'd never met before we passed the plates. There were three vocal and committed members of the right side of the Republican party, two libertarians, a few public educators, two pacifists and two paratroopers. I hope your holiday was as blessed.

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