Monday, November 17, 2008

Targetting Target

Moms are mad.
Target online had the Britax Marathon carseat in grey and cowprint on sale for what appeared to be a close-out price. I had promised not to buy anything for newbaby, because we are months away and it only makes the waiting harder. But the price was too good to pass up. We'd just hold onto it until we had someone to put in it.
It was also too good to be true. Target apologized today to apparently millions of angry moms for the "inconvenience" of the mispriced item, cancelling the order and offering to sell it for the regular retail price of $279. But here's the problem: they also offered some moms $30 credits for their troubles. They offered other moms $10 credits for their troubles. They offered still other moms no satisfaction. It will cost them far more than $30 per mom in the next few days while they field an extraordinary volume of phone calls, while still other moms decide to take their online business elsewhere. I pity the customer service reps who take those calls. I'm just taking my Christmas shopping to another site.

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