Saturday, November 29, 2008

Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

From the preparing for surgery booklet for Miss I's surgery Tuesday:
"If you are not the biological parent (natural mother or father) of the child, you must bring copies of court documents of your legal right to give consent for the procedure and anesthesia."
Yet later, "If you are not the biological or adoptive parent, but you do have guardianship, please bring legal proof of guardianship." So adoptive parents may or may not be required to present documents supporting their legal right to give consent for the care of their children. If I have any questions about this, I can speak with a social worker in advance of admission.


susan said...

Oy indeed. What a weird sort of legal moment.

Journada said...

Ack and double ack! So frustrating!

Sorry...we are praying for Miss I (and for her sweet parents).