Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I don't know how I missed the misogynist Teleflora campaign during the Super Bowl -- I was probably just so happy. But it's come to my attention (via Dawn) that they've stepped in it again:

Jezebel points out that they seem not to have learned from the "non-mom mom" disaster, and posts all three commercials, one of which includes the stunner "No one wants to see you naked."

Someone should send them congratulations flowers . . . in a box . . . just so they'd get the (right) message.


Anonymous said...

Personally I like flowers in a box. But I'm sure there are people out there who that would appeal too-- those that are worried about sending the right message-- sort of a scare tactic marketing attempt. As for the "not naked one" -- I actually laughed out loud-- particularly because I've seen it-- people crowd around others office desks to look at flowers.. and there is always one of the "no one sends me flowers" people who look like they will tackle your flowers-- and I did think while the "no one wants to see you naked line" wasn't funny-- the dude's line afterwards who said I want to see you was.

As for the Jezebel article: "non moms" should've been for women who don't parent. Recognizing that while you may not have kids you are responsible for financially-- it doesn't mean they don't have the qualities associated with being a "mom". (an example might be a very involved teacher)


abebech said...

If the insults had been outlandish it would have been a good commercial, I think. The problem is that they are realistic worries, telling a woman she can't keep her job, treating women as if Thin and Boyfriended are the highest goals, reminding a younger sibling that no one loved her when she was a child etc. I would have loved nasty flowers saying off the wall inappropriate nasty things -- but not ones that cut to the quick.

And boxed flowers are the nicest -- their stems have to be undamaged too . . .