Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Recap

The Oscars were shorter and sweeter than usual, with the exception of the ill-conceived "Musical is Back"! number. I was not too surprised to learn that it was Baz Luhrman's work, without the time or budget to support his usual audacity.
I worry, though, that any social conservatives who DID happen to watch the show came away only with a combination of Bill Maher's "silly gods" comment (you all know how I feel about Maher -- last night I suggested that he'd "Michael-Moored it") and Sean Penn's quotation of epithets hurled on their way into the Kodak theater "C*mmie h*m*lovers" (I've starred only because I don't want people who hurl these kinds of epithets showing up and hurling them at me) to reinforce their view of Hollywood, artists, unions and unionizers, those who support equal rights and equal protections, humanitarians etc -- as in "See, I told you they were Godless . . ."

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Erin said...

Any conservative who gets their panties in a bunch about what was said at the Oscars needs to grow up a bit. Honestly. We all know that most people in Hollywood are far left people, and they are in the midst of their self indulgent love fest and say whatever they want and make fools of themselves.

Though I'm very troubled by the idea that the left has a monopoly on "those who support equal rights and equal protections, humanitarians etc" those are all things this conservative is the most passionate about.