Thursday, July 06, 2006

Better sleeping through furniture shopping?

Last night there wasn't any room in my bed for my head. I was so tired, I didn't notice, and slept with my head hanging off the side.
Since it doesn't look like our children will stay in their own beds any time soon, we're shopping for a bigger bed. If there's any chance it'll help me sleep, I'm sold.
(Saturday update: We bought it today and tonight Miss I fell asleep in her own room rather than the cosleeper. sigh).


Lola said...

tee hee. King or Queen? What happens if you get another kid? Maybe you should get a smaller bed- and just say there's no room in bed for them-- or go sleep in theirs? :) If you want to go a cheap route- go to a few auctions- that's where I got my head/foot board- then I went and bought new mattresses.

I really hope you get some sleep soon- I mean most new mom/dads wake up every few hours- but bet you were hoping to skip the lack of sleep issues that come with newborns.

abebech said...

We were thinking queen, but since you mention a third . . . The worst thing we could have done would have been to say "Well, now that there's a baby, you're out of here" :)
The plan right now is to move the full into ds's room, his twin into dd's room, and a queen into ours. If ds wakes, someone can move in with him. Or out of our bed and into his. Or something. Anything.

I was up as much with ds for awhile, but he cried, nursed, and I held him up (reflux) while he slept. Miss I. screams and then cries like her heart is breaking - and it probably is.