Sunday, July 16, 2006

Now for something completely different

I'm working on a post about our new notariety, but in the meantime:
An aa woman in her late twenties, early thirties approached me at the grocery store and asked, pointing to babe in hip carrier, "Where did you get that?"
Stunned silence from me.
She continued. "I love it. My daughter's about the same size. Does it take the pressure of your back?"
"Oh, the hip carrier!" Tremendous relief and embarrasment. "Yes we love it. I think it's from Babies r Us online."
"Well, it looks like it'd be great." Warm smile.


Michelle said...

I would have probably thought she was referring to my baby too! Oops! Thank goodness she was only talking about the carrier when she asked where you got "that"!

abebech said...

Thanks, Michelle. I'm glad it isn't just me :)

abebech said...

If you're reading comments, click on Michelle's name to go to her blog. Then check out the video montage to see one beautiful little girl and a lovely tribute to her.

lola said...

I'm leaving this here-- heard you have a special meeting - hope it goes well.