Thursday, July 27, 2006

Picture Picture

We've been asked, in comments and in email, how our family pictures went. We had a lot of fun, and the pictures are great. Miss I. would not pose by herself, so we ended up taking one of momma and Miss I and one of Daddy and ds. Those are all of our favorites - and I rarely like pictures of myself, but she makes any picture a beauty.
Then we tried again for an individual shot. She would run in a circle, dh and I would each grab an arm, lift her up (making her smile and giggle) and the photographer would shoot just as her feet touched down. The result is a darling picture, just our arms and a beaming Miss I, with her dress flipped up (But Momma you can see her panties -ds).
But Daddy's nightmare discovery: Miss I does indeed look like a young Jada Pinkett Smith, and we are in trouble.


Michelle said...

sounds like the pictures ending up turning out great!

We're having our daughter's 3 yr old portraits done next week...I hope she's more cooperative then she was last year!

abebech said...

Michelle, if she doesn't scream, try to run out of the studio giggling wildly, or vomit on you, then your daughter'll do better than we did last year (the same child didn't do all three - cousin pictures, one crime per child)