Monday, July 10, 2006

Two Things

Dear I.,
Apart from all the ways I'm trying really hard to be a good Momma to you (even when it feels impossible for me to do) I am working extra hard at two seemingly inconsequential things. These things seem to make the least sense to you, with the exception of my cutting off the Nilla Wafers, so I thought I'd explain them now (and again when you are really listening):
1. I do not want to raise you to be an insomniac like your momma. It may already be too late for Thing One, who doesn't fall asleep easily and sleeps lightly (your screaming is not helping). Please, help me help you develop healthy sleep habits now! Or someday you'll be thirty years old and lying wide awake while your kids sleep just because you know they're about to wake up and you'd rather not be woken (after all, they have been waking you up once an hour, so you're in the habit . . .) Learn from Daddy, who can fall asleep in an instant to capitalize on rare quiet. Or from our friends children, who fall asleep at 8 and know not to get out of bed until 7 am (at 2. years old).
2. I refuse to raise you to be "the tender-headed daughter of a white woman," something I have been warned against and can't get out of my own head. So I'm taking longer than I need to in order to condition your hair and scalp. You might hate it, but you have to learn to sit still-ish now. One grandma and grandpa told your Daddy that they stay up all night to do their grandaughter's hair while she sleeps. Which leads me back to point one, and my exhaustion. Though hey, I'm already up, so . . .
I love you. Now go to sleep - after I condition your scalp.


Michelle said...

Sounds like our household - well except Kayla does fall asleep relatively easily - it's the daddy can fall asleep when his head hits the pillow that's like our house :) Oh I envy him being able to sleep so easily!

Anonymous said...

My bro-in law taught me this trick- and while I don't like self-medication... it worked, and with my sleeping issues- it was nice- 2 benadryl (allergy) right before bed. Much better then the "sleeping" pills I was given at the dr. office.

And Miss I-- if ya want to be an insomniac like your mom- well there's worse things to be- and you'll be an amazing 30 year old- if ya follow her lead, even if you inherit some of her "flaws".

As for "tender-headed" I have no clue what that is- I'll have to google it :)

onegreyhorse said...

hey there.... any tips on dealing w/ hair and skin would be appreciated! I'm already a little worried about that aspect of motherhood!

and I hope little I. figures out that sleep is GOOD! and something to take advantage of! there is probably so much new stuff for her to do and see that sleeping seems unnecessary!

Overwhelmed! said...

Too cute! :)