Friday, July 21, 2006

Five Ingredients Friday - by ds

Ants on a log used to be made with celery, peanut butter and raisins (that's why it was a healthy snack). But lots of kids have peanut allergies. So at Science Camp (Creepy Crawly Week), ants on a log were made this way:

Scooby Doo Graham Crackers

Take one scooby doo graham, spray whip cream on top, and put three raisins in a row on top.
For the yummiest treat, just spray the whip cream on the plate and eat it with your fingers.


Michelle said...

I like your comment about just spray the whip cream on plate and eat with fingers! Ha ha!

This does sound like a good verson of the healthy ants on a log; I bet my daughter would enjoy this one!

Overwhelmed! said...

Now this is too cute! Sounds yummy to me!

grannyangel said...

Did you know that Aldi's had some flavored whipped cream recently? They had three flavors: peach, cherry and I can't remember what the 3rd was. I haven't tried the cherry yet but the peach is really peachy and soo good! If you get a chance try some.