Saturday, August 05, 2006

My Children the Fish

Today, no bellyaching. Really! We took the kids to a waterpark, enjoyed the sun and the splashing, and felt really normal. I wasn't ready for ds to swim so far out in the wave pool ("You think you can do all these things, Nemo, but you can't!") and I survived Miss I.'s first yellow jacket sting, which gave her no more than a moment's irritation - she was fine by the lazy river - but nearly gave me a heart attack and made me cry ("I promised her I'd never let anything happen to her!" "Well, that's a dumb thing to promise").

I love my amazing, frustrating, brave, crazy, loud, independent, needy children. I really do. Back to nearly-regularly scheduled bellyaching tomorrow, I'm sure.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had an interesting (to say the least!) time at the water park! Glad to the bee sting didn't deter Miss I from having too much fun!

Gawdessness said...

It's not bellyaching! It is the stunned response of the new parent of more than the number of children she was used to.

Oh, hang on, that's me I'm talking about.

So glad that you had a lovely time and the yellow jacket was of no real circumstance.

abebech said...

No real harm. Seriously, no physical event makes this girl cry (but Momma going alone to the bathroom makes her wail.)
Gawdessness, do hang on.