Thursday, August 31, 2006

How's this for emotional unintelligence?

When I've grieved as many things as I have, some blogged and some unblogged, some shared and some forever secret, you'd think I'd get better at the process of grieving. But I've lost something very important to me, and I can't get it back and the hardest part of it is that I can say that I've learned nothing transferable between my losses. Maybe the hardest part is actually realizing that I thought I would have.


Lola said...

Sometimes you'd like to think you live and learn- but if we could learn from our losses and transfer that knowledge to the new loss- at the end of our life wouldn't we be void of pain? And I definitely don't think there is anything abnormal about thinking or wishing at some point that you could- who wouldn't want to protect themself from the hollowness a loss leaves in our heart.

Iac said...

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