Monday, August 07, 2006

Potty Words

Miss I. had joined the potty line-up in Ethiopia, but hadn't successfully trained (she was 17 mos!)
But now she's been interested in using her potty chair here. Today she wanted to stay on it pretending to go for what seemed like forever, occassioning the following sentence from ds:
"Miss I., ca-ca or keum [stop] the po-po!"


Michelle said...

Oh how funny!

Overwhelmed! said...

Well crap (pun intended), should I be working at potty training Snuggle Bug? He's 19 months old and we haven't even tried. Should I be? He does say "poop" a lot, as he points to the front of his diaper (usually there's no poop there). He's fascinated with watching us poop. Hmm...maybe I should go buy him a potty. :)