Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"At issue are remarks the Massachusetts Democrat made on Monday before a college audience in California in which he said he was joking that if people don't study and work hard they could end up getting "stuck in Iraq." He said it was a "botched joke" that was referring to President Bush."

It wasn't a bad joke; it's that he told it wrong -- he doesn't have a good sense for the comic, and he should know that by now (wouldn't a good student learn?)

But if Kerry's really going to be charged with being unpatriotic (and for crying outloud, he's a distinguished veteran, as were many of his supporters in the last election), you'll have to charge us too:

Ds currently attends kindergarten at a school that provides narratives and keeps binders of progress, but no grades. I unthinkingly remarked in front of him that I was concerned about his transition to a school that issues grades in the first.

Since his dad once jokingly posted my grad school grade report on the 'fridge, he knows that "A"s are "really good."

So he said, "I hope I get A's. But what if I get a C?"

I answered, "One C? Nothing, really. All C's and D's? You could be president."

That, I think, is what John Kerry meant. Oh, and it's funny and awful, because it's true.


Lola said...

I don't think Kerry should be charged with being unpatriotic-- just an idiot.

Your joke-- is funny. I've actually listened to his several times, and I personally don't believe he was joking, and that was just an attempt to cover up a mis-speaking. See it just goes to show - even if Kerry had won- we'd still have a person who couldn't public speak in office :)

And the only reason anyone is making a big deal of this is because elections are in a few days.

Overwhelmed! said...

I have to agree with you on this one. Kerry isn't unpatriotic, he's just a bad joke teller!

Did you know that I've met John Kerry and shoke his hand in person? It was during his attempts to get elected as president. I attended a rally that he was holding. I got up in the front while he and his wife talked (along with John Edwards and his wife) and at the end he started shaking hands and he grabbed my outstretched hand.

I was so hoping he'd win that presidential election, but alas he didn't.

Oh well.

S. said...