Sunday, November 05, 2006

O-h N-o

My son can now read -- I mean, really read, not just read/remember Hop on Pop or More, More, More Said the Baby or anything Eric Carle.
This is very exciting, yes, except for one thing: He's wise to my tricks.
Today he realized that "Walter the Dog Who Passes Gas" is actually "Walter the Farting Dog." ("What's farting, Momma?" Bless his temporarily innocent little heart.)
Tomorrow I'll have to give up spelling over his head.

My daughter pointed to a word on a box and happily exclaimed "Aybeeceedees!" One of her 35 English words is the first four letters of the alphabet.


Michelle said...

congrats on the reading for your son - and the first 4 letters of the alphabet for Miss I - very important steps to reading!

Lola said...

oh no!!! Well, he doesn't know Spanish yet... or pig latin :)??