Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Name calling

By her own account (through the influence of her brother) Miss I. is (laughingly) a "Bad Baby, Bad Baby, Bad Baby" and the dog is a "Dood Dirl." Of course, she calls me "Natty" and "Awnawshus," (as in, "Shhhh, Natty Momma") neither of which are good things. All of which speaks volumes about my parenting (of the first one, her idol).

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AMH said...

Just wanted to say thank you, again, for your thoughtful comments. I sincerely value your opinion-- you always have a pretty level-headed and wise perspective and I love reading your blog, and the comments you leave me.

It is good to know this is not abnormal. There are moments where I think god what is wrong with me! We've spent most of our marriage trying to figure out how to have a family and that diverted us from taking care of each other.

Thank you again, I really really appreciate it.