Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Bloom Estate

When we unrolled the new rug -- purchased at 40% off on black Friday, sure to be stained by the next Friday -- ds asked if he could have it someday, "when [I'm] old." He thinks he and his wife would like to have it in their house. I told him that many of the things we have would be his someday.

Tonight as we decorated the Christmas tree (pictures coming) he unwrapped my Old World Christmas fruit ornaments with special care, knowing they're my favorites and remembering that I'd broken one two years ago. "Can these be mine someday? They're my favorites too." "Yes," I said, "Some of these will be yours, and some Miss I's," and after a pause I added "and some A's" (A being the imaginary name for an imaginary child, an idea being explored here at Chez Bloom). He turned from the tree, arms still in the air, sugar plum dangling from its hook. "I know I said I might want another baby, but I'm happy with things just the way they are."

Calculating little man. He said it wasn't about the ornaments, just about "our happiness," but it wasn't just the tree lights twinkling in his eyes.

I told him we wouldn't have to divide anything for a long time. First I'd keep everything at my house even after he'd moved to his own house, then I'd bring much of it with me when I moved in with his family. "Oh," he said seriously, almost flatly. "I didn't realize mothers would live with their grown children."

I said: "Of course, you'll have to ask your wife." I thought: I come with the rug.


AMH said...

ha ha that post made me smile. :) your ds is quite a sharp one.

reminded me a of a story my neighbor told me yesterday, his 7 y/o grandson said he wanted to be a doctor. he asked his grandson if he'd buy him a fishingboat when he was a doctor, the kid said "well gramps you'll be gone by then..."

gotta love the things kids say...

Third Mom said...

So sweet. And that decision to add to one's family is a hard one, to be sure. Good luck to you as you think it through!

Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, your son is too cute, and very smart too!

As you know, we're exploring our options for adopting a second child. If we get a girl, we may be done. If we get another boy, we may consider trying one last time. I think 3 would be our max.

kim.kim said...

He sounds arodable, serious, intelligent, sensitive and very squishy huggable.