Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Must Read on Food Waste

Increasing food prices have caused many people to consider cutting their grocery bills. The first place we look to cut should be waste. Check out this NYTimes article on food waste. How we eat affects efforts toward a (more) just world.


Erin said...

amen! We as a nation HAVE to start looking at our food habits, in order to survive as a country and to continue to be the biggest provider of food to the rest of the world! Our kitchen habits really do have ramifactions around the world! Not to mention our resturant habits, our fast food habits, our food packaging habits.

On a side note, isn't the word "conservative" related to the word "conservation" It disgusts me that so caled conservatives in this country don't seem to care about conservation and healthy food. They have become the consumer party.

Perhaps that is where our political viewpoints line up well :)


abebech said...

I think you might be right! :)