Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is This Thing On?!

I'm not ready to comment just yet, but I do think it's worth reading the transcript with commentary by the UK paper the Independent here.

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Lola said...

Here's my comment:
I have a new pet peeve-
How the UK uses "isa" ! Yuck- I know they came before our nation with the use of English- but I much better like "iza"

Isn't it odd how we as a world have so much insight into our world leaders that things that may have once been more "private" meetings where we only received synopsis now hang on every breath of the world leaders?

It really shows their humanity- but unfortunately this isn't the Hall of Justice... and most, if not all, are just as much a blabbering idiot as we are. It's sort of when you finally realize your parents are people- and see them for who they are- human! Tis so frustrating- cause we want them to be in-foulable- or at least "better then us" something for us to strive to be like.

And with that realization (or perhaps the UK would say "realisation" ick)often comes a sense of disappointment and embarrassment, until we learn to admire qualities in them and accept the faults.